About Us

Farmer4Farmer is a fully equipped grain hauling company located in Manitoba, Canada. We service all of Southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Our 44 tonne payload capability, with the option of two Super-B’s or a tandem trailer unit at 28 tonnes capability - we can haul all of your agricultural products such as corn, wheat and more from your farm to the train. Ask us about discount rates into Morris, Altona and Ste. Agathe!

Services Offered

Why Farmer4Farmer? I'm a farmer working for farmers!

Grain Hauling

We can haul all your commodities - beans, corn, wheat, oats, canola, barley, and soy meal from your farm to the train.

Farm Services

We are experienced with farming and farm equipment. If your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to be around for truck loading we gladly load ourselves.

Service Area

We serve all Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan, including, but not limited to: Winnipeg, Steinbach and Regina.